Darkmode - All Aboard The EDM Train - Stir Consciences Records 014

Darkmode - All Aboard The EDM Train - SCR014

Feat. «The Event 7»

United Kingdom Techno artist Darkmode presents a Techno Music EP on this Stir Consciences Records 014. This release, titled «All Aboard The EDM Train» features six tracks with fun titles but serious sound, including four original tracks and two remixes. The original tracks are: «All Aboard The EDM Train», «Rise of Milli Vanilli DJ», «Ghost Writers Suck», «We Know You’re Really Not Mixing» and two remixes «Ghost Rising» and «We Know You’re Really Not Mixing» done by The Event 7. This release is perfect for fans of melodic techno and showcases Darkmode’s versatility as an artist, while also highlighting the skill of remixer The Event 7.

Current Video:

Darkmode – All Aboard The EDM Train (Original Mix)


This release has been supported by some of the best artists in Techno like: DJ Link, Filipe Barbosa, Daz Furey, Javy Lopez, Paula Cazenave, Vicent De Wit, Andreas-Tek, C-System, Robert Grand, Concrete DJz or DKult amoung others.. 

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