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Biography: It is in the year 2003 when this young man based in Puebla de Montalbán (Toledo) arouses great concern for the management of decks, taking over DJ equipment. From a very young age, he was very attracted to the sound and structures of techno with dark rhythms and enveloping atmospheres. Starting in 2004, he began DJing in pubs, clubs, and parties in small towns, making a name for himself in many towns in the province of Toledo. He also dedicated himself to performing at many raves in Madrid, Toledo, and Ciudad Real. In 2005 and 2006, he began to do his first three-deck sessions with a tribal touch and frenetic movement, characterized by continuous cuts, scratches, and unexpected track changes. Improvisation is what stands out the most in his sessions, always giving the audience an impressive and unexpected show. His style is Hardtechno and industrial.

He has played in clubs like: One, Family Club, Weekend, Pulse City of Sound, Sala Radical, Sala Elvira, Sala Groove, Espiral, Icarus Club, Sala Shitons, Travel House, Sala Melissa, Sala Vaya Tela, Sala Dávalo, San Juan techno, Space Room, Train Room, etc. He has also played with well-known DJs such as Richi Hawtin, Cristian Varela, The Advent, Industryalizer, Surgeon, Gayle San, Sven Wittekind, Pepo, Mark Broom, Kazu Kimura, Bando, Sergio Castilla, Cesar Almena, Dj Stay, David Moleón, Reeko, Tadeo, Antonio Dash, Makoki, Pelacha, Luismi, D Wachman, Carlos Perona, Julian Poker, Dj Bee, etc.

He always had a desire to start producing, and his aspirations grew bigger until he met Sergio Castilla, a great friend with whom he took a production course and gradually acquired the knowledge he has today about electronic music production. In May 2009, he began to release his first productions for labels around the world, both on digital and vinyl, dedicating himself fully to Industrial Techno and Hardtechno, the same main styles to which he dedicates his sets.

Finally, he founded his own Dark Techno label, DARKLETVM RECORDS, with one of his best friends Bruno Plaza (aka Elektrikall) and it’s available in vinyl and digital formats.

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