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Biography: Every Hard Techno lover who was part of the birth and golden years of Schranz, knows who Daniela Haverbeck is. Dj since 2001, playing at underground parties, in Chile, she became one of the most recognized Hard Techno artists in Latin America, spreading the music all over the latin countries. In 2005, she would become one of the few latin american Djs playing in Europe and in 2006 she released her first vinyl. From then on, she has been releasing Techno, Hard Techno and Industrial Hardcore under different alias (No.Dolls!, Dj Rapunzel, Maria Savage, Smurfina and Herrin und Sklave) on labels like Naked Lunch, Mastertraxx, Mad Made, Cause Records, Mental Torments, Mokum Records, Industrial Strength, Cannabis Records or here in Stir Consciences Records to name some of them. Since 2010, she is based in Amsterdam. Her Dj sets are dynamic and energetic, ranging from Techno to Industrial, Hardcore… Versatilty is her imprint!

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