De Oliveira - Easy Listening Remixes - Stir Conciences Records 001

De Oliveira - Easy Listening The Remixes - SCR001

Feat. «Adam Jay, H. Paul, Jeff F, Luky R.D.U., Mattias Fridell, Roman Zawodny, The Event 7 and Vegim»

Spanish Techno artist De Oliveira presents his latest release «Easy Listening The Remixes» on Stir Consciences Records 001, the first release of the label, featuring remixes from Adam Jay, H. Paul, Jeff F, Luky R.D.U., Mattias Fridell, Roman Zawodny, The Event 7 and Vegim. This Techno Music release includes the original version of «Easy Listening,» originally released on the label of the well-known Portuguese A.Paul, Naked Lunch Records, but this time remixed by some of the greatest artists in the Techno scene. The remixes bring a fresh perspective to the original track and showcase a diverse range of Techno sounds and styles. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a copy of «De Oliveira – Easy Listening The Remixes – Stir Consciences Records 001» and experience the unique sound and energy of De Oliveira’s Techno compositions. With the first release, Stir Consciences Records starts with a high note by bringing together some of the most renowned techno artists of the scene.

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De Oliveira – Easy Listening (Original Mix)


SCR001 gets top 20 on Techno best sellers of week @ Juno Download and has been supported by some of the best artists in Techno like: «Spiros Kaloumenos, Kammy, DJ Link, DJ Lukas, Spark Taberner, Ryuji Takeuchi, Vegim, Concrete Djz, Matt K, Du’Art, The Event 7, Luke Creed, Stanny Fransen, Steve Pain, Dave Elyzium, H.Paul, Aka Carl, Mark Rey, Vortechral or Bilro & Barbosa amoung others..»

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