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Group: Delirium Tremens (With DJ Liños)
Adress: Galicia, Spain
Styles: Techno without tags, open format.

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Collaborations and Rmxs: Ben Sims, Luky R.D.U., The Event 7, Mike Humphries, A.Paul, 3Phazegenerator, Adam Jay, Roman Zawodny, Vegim, Mattias Fridel, Jeff F, Daniela Haverbeck, Tachini, Luke Creed, Andreas Tek, Ganez, H. Paul, Mark Rey, Alexey Kotlyar, Dave Elyzium, Bilro & Barbosa, DJ Baly and Alfonso Sanchez.

Chart/Support from: DJ Pepo, A.Paul, Mike Humphries, Adam Jay, Spiros Kaloumenos, Daniela Haverbeck, Fer BR, Luky R.D.U., Kammy, Pedro Delgardo, Vegim, Patrick DSP, James Hammer, V1NZ, Mattias Fridel, The Event 7, 3Phazegenerator, DJ Bold, Andreas Kremer, Jeff F, Luke Creed, Mark Morris, Raftek, DJ Link, Andreas Florin, Dave The Drumer, Tachini, l1 Ambivalent, Tony Montana, Tony Silver, Du’Art, Makarov & Steen, Bilro & Barbosa, Reaky, Roman Zawodny, Matt K, Steel Grooves, Bitch Bros, Shaun Mauren, DJ Infusion, Wyndell Long, H.Paul, Darkmode, Odessa Soundfreaks, Aka Carl, Veztax, Andreas Tek, Steve Pain, Daz Furey or Fei-Fei amoung others..

Labels: Stir Consciences, Cannabis, Naked Lunch, Mastertraxx, TMMR, Infecta, Darkletvm, Urban Kickz, Subcult and Killacell.

Payed with: DJ Liños, A.Paul, Mike Humphries, The Advent, Marco Lenzi, The Event 7, Mark Williams, Luky R.D.U., Elton D, Fer BR, British Murder Boys, Claude Young, DJ Murphy, Surgeon, Hertz, Cristian Varela, Pepo, Reeko, Pelacha, Daisychain, Darkrow, Kazu Kimura, Joton, Technasia, Eric Sneo, Valentino Kanzyani, Marko Nastic, Pet Duo, Frank Kvitta, Ian Void, Regis, Jesus del Campo, James Ruskin, Paul Mac, Chris Finke and many others..

Gigs: A Coruña, Pontevedra, Madrid, Guadalajara, Caceres, Valladolid and London.

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